Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yea or Nay

The jury is still out on the Mizuno Elixirs. I have only been able to get in 6-10 miles a week the last few weeks, due to husbands going away, snow storms and illness. But every time I ran in them I seemed to have new pains. Pains in my knee, cramps in the arch of my foot and just general leg unhappiness :( So I talked to the fabulous folks at Maine Running Company and it looks as though I will have to make a trek to Portland to see if we can work something out. They told me that the Elixirs and the Tri Noosas are very similar shoes so I shouldn't have any new problems. But I had used insoles in my Asics because I was told to try them to help with a tendon problem I have in my left leg/foot. A pain that has been really bad since switching to the Elixirs.......but I hadn't put the insoles in the Elixirs. So, I did put them in for my last run, and I think it was better. I will give it another go in a day or so when my tendon has calmed down and try with the insoles in one more time before I drive to Portland to return them.


 So, I went back to Maine Running Company and bought new insoles. One run in and it feels better. Hoping this works!

On a sadder and unrelated note....On March 27th I delivered a birthday cake for a little boy with at/rt cancer. I offered to make the cake for the family for free and thankfully they accepted. I had watched the facebook page for nearly a year. I had hoped he would get better. He did not. On March 27th, Adam turned 2. On March 28th he passed away. I'm not sure why this boy, who I did not know, touched me so much. I cried for this boy like i knew him. Maybe it was because he kind of reminded me of my Oliver. Maybe it's the just the mother in me that sees a baby hurting and just feels it too deeply. Whatever it is, it has done something to me. I don't know how to go about doing any of the things that are in my head right now....but I want to do something. Maybe organize a race to raise money for Pediatric cancer research? Try to raise funds by people pledging money per mile I run? I don't know....I have to do something. Cancer is a terrible thing. But it's just so much more cruel and terrible when it takes the life of a baby. 

Anyway......The weather seems to be turning to spring....finally.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Shoes

 My beloved Asics are at about 300 miles +/-,  and were looking and feeling their age. I bought the Asics Tri Noosas last spring. I bought them because they were beautiful! I am a neon kinda girl, and as soon as I saw them on Pinterest, I knew I had to have them! I didn't get fitted for them first. I didn't do much research on the type of shoe I needed for my foot and gait. I somehow lucked out that, as it turns out, is the type of shoe that works for my foot. I just loved them because they were pretty. And the whole year I ran in them, I didn't have any injuries. Before, I had just gone to the New Balance outlet tent sale and bought whatever was under $30. But now I was serious about running, and I don't want to be sidelined with an injury.
So,when I decided to get knew shoes, I figured i'd go to the experts. The nice people at Maine Running Company fitted me to new shoes and said that what I had been running in were the right type for me. PHEW! This time I went with Mizuno Elixirs. Also neon pink and pretty!
 I have done 2 runs in them, and so far so good!
The weather has been great for running the last couple of days! I hope it keeps up like this! There is a possible forcast for a snow storm next week...ugh.....if one model is right we could get up to 17"?!?! really?!?! that will put me a back a week again. pleh. I hate snow. 
 OH OH OH....and tomorrow is the registration for the Beach to Beacon 10k that I am hoping to get into! I hope it doesn't fill up too fast and that I can wake up early enough to get on as soon as reg opens up. wish me luck ;) I'm not doing many race this year. I need to save up all my money for Princess Half. So the ones I am doing are to #1~keep me moving with a closer goal. #2~ to use as a corral placement time for Princess. This will be my longest race over 4 miles. I have a goal to do it in under an hour. Well, that is my goal right now. If my training keeps up, maybe I can up that goal a bit :P 

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Oh, beautiful sun!! The weather has really been getting me down lately! I have hardly run since i've been back from Australia. But finally, today the sun came back out and it was "warm". And I got out and ran today. Tomorrow looks good too. I plan on driving into Portland and running around back bay. I feel that if the weather is starting to take an upswing, I might just be ok! Too many more weeks like the past month and I fear I might have never got out to run again. 
  I had a good run today. Not as good as my Nike+ said though....I had it set for "Indoor" and was telling me I was running at a fabulous pace. And, until I realized what had happened, I was pretty impressed with myself :P oh well. I haven't figured out what I actually did today. That is my next task. I didn't run as far as I wanted today. Tomorrow I will def get in a 5k. I had my Nike+ set to indoor when I last ran on the treadmill and I forgot to put it on "outdoor" before I ran today. So it said i had done nearly 4 miles but it was a mile ahead of itself :( oh well.....