Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Back to normal for a few days!!

 So, hubby is finally home! And, other than one more trip to take care of some personal stuff at our stupid house in Colorado, he is home for a while!! Hoping the ankle holds up....training shall resume! 
  I got into Beach 2 Beacon!! woooohooooo! I am very excited, but also nervous as this will be my longest race. The part that is making me the most nervous is my ankle. Will the pain come back when I start running more regularly again?? 
  The registration for the Princess half marathon is coming up soon! And Disney has added a new race and challenge. Not sure what the price will be on it, but it is intriguing :P They have added a 10k on saturday. The challenge is you run the 10k on saturday then the half on sunday. That means 3 pieces of bling in one weekend! But that also means very tired legs :P Honestly,  the price will be the killer since my fund raising hasn't been raising much funds.
 More fun races coming to Maine this summer! Finally, people are realizing there are actually people living ABOVE Boston!! Both Color Me Rad and The Color Run are coming to Maine this summer. I hope a lot of people run these races so they continue to come back to Maine and other races will follow!!
 The weather is wonderful! Spring is FINALLY here! And I am off to run in the warm sun!!

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